About the Class

Have you ever finished a busy shooting season and wondered “where did all of my money go?”.  In this class “Let’s Make a Profit”, Arica Dorff will break down the business side of photography in an easy to understand way.  No fancy accounting skills required.  This class is for both new and veteran photographers - just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re running a successful business.  How much should you be marking up your products?  How do you know when you can afford a studio space or a part-time employee?  Arica will teach you how she uses the simple 'Profit First' money management system to guarantee that you’re marking up your products appropriately, paying yourself, saving for retirement and making a profit with every single portrait sale from here on out. Once you understand your numbers, you’ll confidently share your pricing with clients and you’ll never discount a session ever again.  Bring a notebook and whip out the calculator on your phone. No matter how big or small your photography business is, you’ll leave this class empowered with an understanding of YOUR business numbers!

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