Last Minute Fall Preparations for Volume Photographers

Benedikt Greifenhofer &Tim Macdonald

It’s not too late to get ready to maximize your fall season! Switch to online sales with GotPhoto to increase your revenue and minimize your work efforts. 
Tim Macdonald (Owner of Image Art Studio) and Benedikt Greifenhofer (Co-Founder and CEO of GotPhoto US/CA) will talk about preparing for fall and how it can be done with GotPhoto. In this webinar, they will answer these questions:

•    What do you need to get done? 
•    How can you get things done last minute? 
•    How you can make a proper preparation plan?
•    How can online sales push your results for fall?


Benedikt Greifenhofer Bio

Benedikt is the co-founder of GotPhoto – the all-in-one workflow and sales solution for school photographers – and will explain how the system can support you in making this your most profitable fall season yet. 

Tim Macdonald Bio

Tim is an experienced sports and schools photographer with more than 15 years of experience. He recently switched his business to online sales and is excited to lend his experience to give you insights about his fall preparation and the things that really matter in order to succeed.