About the Class

Contractors vs Employees – did you know that up to 15% of employees are misclassified? If you think it’s as simple as a paragraph in a job description, you could run into unpleasant words like “liability” and “unpaid taxes!”

In this webinar, Andria Ryan tells you what you need to know so that you understand the classifications and various degrees of financial and behavioral control. Most importantly, this webinar enables you to make the right decisions for your studio. Listen as Andria discusses important questions like:

  • Who invests in the equipment?
  • Do you pay hourly or per job?
  • Who’s responsible if an employee is misclassified?
  • Do you need a written contract?

Employee classification isn’t the most exciting part of a business, but after you’ve had this webinar, you’ll know exactly why you needed it!

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