About the Class

Everyday — we’re sprinting to catch up. New technology. New research. New people. New ideas. Fast changes and endless updates… in your practice, business, and nearly every aspect of your personal life.


Maybe you and your team feel overwhelmed by the growing “data clutter" and stressed by all of the knowledge you must absorb, process, read and recall. How do you stay on top and deal with it all?


In this session, Jim Kwik, a leading memory and brain performance expert will share simple proven strategies to mentally thrive and win in the face of fierce overload and competition.


Discover how you will:


  • Develop habits of elite mental performers
  • Fix mental fog, fatigue and forgetfulness for increased productivity and profit
  • Confidently remember the names of everyone you meet


In today’s fast changing knowledge economy, your greatest competitive advantage is your ability to outlearn and outperform.Get ready to upgrade your brain, this is sure to be a memory training you will always “REMEMBER!”

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