Cr.Photog., CPP
About the Class

Join Jennifer and Robin of Sock Monkey Photography as they share with you their thirteen-year journey of trials, errors and eventual success. There are many genres within the Volume category (Schools, Sports, and Special Events) and Jennifer and Robin photograph them all, yet the most profitable for them are Pre-Schools. Some call them Childcare Centers, Early Learning Facilities, MDO – Mother’s Day Out…call them what you may, they are extremely profitable and there is no better way of introducing your brand than at the start of a new family. This is the perfect opportunity for all photographers who are wondering how to get started or considering adding a new revenue stream to their existing business. Jennifer and Robin will share with you proven marketing and sales techniques that cross over into all genres of volume. You will learn how to prepare for photo day, lighting techniques and how to pose children under the age of six, all the while achieving consistent results. They will also discuss workflow options and what they have discovered works best for their business. So come join Jennifer and Robin and learn how to effectively and efficiently start and maintain a successful volume business.

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