About the Class

What does it mean to be a brand? How do companies, products and other photographers become brands? Why does it matter, anyway?

Brands are about the marriage of fact and narrative. It's important to convey your special capabilities and traits so that potential customers can easily understand what sets you, your photographs, and your business apart from the competition. Photographers tend to be focused on technical and problem-solving capabilities rather than the emotional content of what makes their brands unique, so learning to operate from a brand perspective can make a real difference in your satisfaction and career.

Effective brand definition also sits at the core of all marketing activities, providing the guide for allocation of your precious financial and personnel resources, and can translate into real increases in sales and market share.

In this online introductory webinar, Beth Taubner of Brooklyn and London-based brand strategy and communications firm, Mercurylab, will provide a broad overview into how brands function so that audience members can develop insight into how to distill and communicate their own unique brand for greater happiness and success.

Everyone at all levels can put branding and brand strategy to practical use. You will come away thinking like a brand strategist, with ideas that you can put into action immediately.

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