Ins & Outs of Copyright Law

Maria Matthews Copyright & Government Affairs Manager, PPA

When you first learned photography, you probably didn’t talk much about copyrights or any other legal mumbo-jumbo. But you’re a professional now, and copyrights are an important aspect of your business! So if you’re not a lawyer and you don’t even play one on TV, what exactly do you need to know? Maria Matthews, Manager of PPA’s Copyright & Government Affairs team, walks you through copyrights and what they mean to you.

Do you know…

  • When an image becomes copyrighted?
  • What can be copyrighted?
  • How to register for a copyright?
  • What the Constitution says about copyrights?
  • How to mark your work?
  • What CAN’T be copyrighted?

As a professional photographer, you should. Learn the answers to all of those questions and more—all without ever applying to law school! And that’s the tip of the iceberg. Maria also helps you better understand copyright infringement and licensing agreements, how to copyright your work, and how to use copyrighted material (legally, that is).

And, just to make sure you’re not overwhelmed, Maria shares the PPA resources available to you and how to leverage them to your advantage! Ready to dig in?

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Maria Matthews Bio

Maria Matthews is PPA’s Copyright & Government Affairs Manager.  She assists members on a daily basis with copyright and contract questions and helps members take advantage of PPA’s Indemnification Trust Program.  In addition to her work with members she keeps a watchful eye on Capitol Hill to ensure photographers’ voices are heard when key issues come up for debate.