How To Use Facebook To Bring In Clients & Profits FAST

Charles Lewis M.Photog.Cr., A-ASP & Todd Lewis & Thomas Morelli

If you're frustrated at all right now that you don't have as many photography customers, or not as many GOOD photography customers, and you want the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way to bring them in right now - this live online event is for you. 

These are the UP-TO-THE-MINUTE Facebook techniques for photography marketing - the stuff working RIGHT NOW. No worrying about "did that work 2 years ago, but not now?" We want you to be able to act on these secrets immediately, and start booking more clients as soon as within a few hours of attending 

Charles Lewis Bio

Charles Lewis opened his portrait and wedding photography studio in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1972 after understudying with the great master photographer, Donald Jack, in Omaha, Nebraska.  He’s achieved the status of Master Photographer, and Photographic Craftsman through PPA, and has also been honored with the Charles “Bud” Hayes award, and the Bill Stockwell award—both for excellence in photographic education.

He's traveled around the world sharing his knowledge of photography, marketing, pricing & selling, including presented 30-city seminar tours where he has shared his discoveries of the best ways to make a great living in the portrait & wedding photography business. His exclusive "Charles Lewis Inner Circle" membership program is in its 14th year, and is full of photography money-making tools, tips and techniques, as well as a monthly audio CD and Newsletter which are sent out to all his members each month.

Todd Lewis Bio

Todd has worked side-by-side with his father in the photography business for 26 years, focusing all his energy on the marketing and selling of the photography. His expertise is in powerful online and offline marketing that brings in clients regardless of what’s going on in the economy. Todd is also an award-winning filmmaker, where he uses many of the principles he’s learned working in photography on a regular basis

Thomas Morelli Bio