About the Class

Millions of people consider dogs valued members of their families. And some of those families are probably your clients. Yes, you take the time to pose the family or the high school senior, but ask yourself: How much time did you spend with the dog? You may be a dog owner and love dogs, but do you really know how to act around a client's dog? Or how to prepare your studio for one?

These questions will be answered when Margaret Bryant explains how to work with dogs—and how to best incorporate them into your existing family, senior and even wedding photography business. You'll learn important steps and tips, such as:

  • Making your studio more dog-friendly.
  • Understanding a dog's body language.
  • Understanding what your body language is saying to the dog.
  • Posing tips for dogs.
  • Getting that alert look from a dog (it takes more than a squeaky toy).
  • Handling dogs on location (and how it differs from the studio).

So, join up and get the information you need to better handle dogs in your photography business. These pointers will help you offer more variety in your family and senior photo sessions—and a stress-free and fun photo session for the whole family, both human and canine!

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