About the Class

Whether it’s a holiday card image, cute kids in pumpkin patches, or just an annual in-studio image as the family members grow, portraits are essential to most families. And in this class, you’ll learn marketing techniques that will help make you THE family photographer in your community.

Instructor Lori Craft will walk you through key steps in creating a marketing plan and then how to take action to spread the word. Ever think about hosting an awesome studio open house? Know who you should network with in your community to boost awareness of your family portraits? Should you offer incentives? Looking for some out-of-the-box advertising ideas aside from traditional media? Lori is ready to share answers to those marketing questions and more. You’ll learn important steps in…

  • Building a family portrait marketing plan
  • Appealing to women
  • Cross-promoting different styles and types of sessions, always keeping the focus on the family.
  • Implementing loyalty and rewards programs (your best customer is a repeat customer!)
  • Spreading the word in your community in person, via networking and with advertising.

After this video class, you’ll have so many ideas to put into might not sleep for a week!

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