About the Class

No means no…or does it? When a client or prospect says not yet, not now, or not for me, what do you do? You turn to what you’ll learn in this class! Lori Craft is ready to teach you how to handle client objections and help you turn your client’s frown upside-down.

You’ll learn the benefits of following the Boy Scout motto and being prepared…and then how to handle the exceptions and situations that crop up like the consummate professional you are. Don’t miss a second as you learn about…

  • Having policies and procedures in place to stay consistent (and still be flexible).
  • Preparing an information packet to guide your client through every aspect of your studio’s process, including expectations (and how this helps avoid some objections).
  • How to answer some of the tough, but common questions photographers tend to get.
  • What to do if the client does end up objecting or disputing something (from how to respond while keeping your cool to how to help it end well!)

Whether or not you have to go so far as to re-shoot, refund or replace the image, Lori demonstrates how to handle the tough situations, even providing practice objections and solutions. When you’re done, you’ll have the confidence to be firm, professional and kind, and even know when and how to walk away gracefully.

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