Health Insurance Reform: Important Deadlines

Ross Pallay

In this webinar, the last in a three-part series on Health Insurance Reform with Ross Pallay, executive vice president at Pallay Insurance Agency, we will recap the health insurance reform changes and remind PPA members of the deadline to obtain health insurance to avoid tax penalties. We will also discuss special circumstance that will allow members to obtain health insurance outside of open enrollment periods. Lastly, Pallay will go over alternative plans members might consider in between open enrollment periods for regular health insurance.

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Ross Pallay Bio

Based just outside of Chicago, IL, Ross Pallay, along with his business partner Scott Pallay, operate Pallay Insurance Agency.  Ross and Scott each have over 30 years of experience in offering insurance plans to association members and formed their own agency in 1998. Pallay Insurance Agency specializes in Health Insurance and assists members and their families across the county in shopping for plans that best fit their coverage and budget needs. Ross is very proud that his agency was chosen by PPA in November 2013 to assist PPA members with Health Insurance.