Handling the Inquiry

Lori Nordstrom M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI

No matter your professional aspirations, this class is a must-have. After all, you can be the best photographer in town, but if you can’t sell your business, does it really matter?

What do you say the first time a prospect calls or contacts you? For real, what do you tell them? What message does your studio convey? Are your clients right for YOU? After Handling the Inquiry, you’ll skillfully and expertly answer these questions and more!

In this video class, Lori Nordstrom will teach you these critical sales tools:

  1. How to respond to that very first inquiry, whether via phone, email, social media or even a walk-in.
    • What you say in that first conversation makes or breaks the sale. Learn how to make it!
  2. How to develop consistent scripts so that you are always able to convey your message in a clear manner.
    • You’ll go through the initial inquiry and the importance of pre-qualifying clients, establishing a common ground, developing referral programs and positively communicating your policies.
  3. How to communicate your studio’s image, whether it’s playful or formal, classy or casual.
    • You’ll learn the importance of creating the right first impression no matter how or where your clients reach you, from phone to email to walk-ins.
  4. How to establish and communicate the value YOU offer and educate your clients on how that translates into benefits for THEM.
    • Once you’ve learned this process, price becomes much less important. Really; it’s going to stir them away from only wanting to talk about your price sheet.
  5. How to address those tough questions.
    • After hearing Lori’s real-life examples and learning some potential scripts, these questions won’t make you sweat!

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Lori Nordstrom Bio

Lori Nordstrom, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, owns a boutique studio specializing in children and family portraits located in the picturesque town of Winterset, Iowa . Lori began her career photographing her own kids in her backyard over 15 years ago, and is now known not only for her simple and sweet portraits of children, but as a leader in the photography industry in the areas of business, marketing and sales.  Lori is a PPA approved business instructor and marketing consultant for Studio Management Services. Sharing with other photographers and small business owners is one of the things she most enjoys. In 2009 Lori started Photo Talk Forum, an online community of photographers working together to grow their businesses.
Lori has always had a heart for children and believes in giving back.  She has run a successful fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) for 10 years.  Her work for LLS has been featured in magazines and on television and as part of Oprahs Big Give in 2008.  In 2011 Lori began her own non-profit organization, Dando Amor which focuses on helping orphaned children in Ecuador.  Photographer Travis Gugleman and Lori have been taking groups of photographers to Ecuador to fundraise and work with the children.  Lori and Travis hit their goal of raising $100,000 the first year of Dando Amor existence.  You can find out more about going to Ecuador or making a donation at www.dandoamor.org
Lori has earned several Kodak Gallery, Fuji Masterpiece, and PPA Loan Collection awards for her images and storybooks.  See more of Lori's work at www.nordstromphoto.com.