About the Class

"When we aim at nothing, we hit it every time." The best way to build a thriving business and live a balanced life is to create a vivid vision of what you want, build a simple plan, and then follow it. Planning doesn't take away the freedom to create on the fly. In fact, it allows more time and provides more resources. Planning allows us to think big, and then break it down into doable pieces.

Discovery > Roadmap > Execution: Just because it's simple, doesn't make it easy. In this webinar, you will learn to create:

  • A vivid and compelling vision of your future state
  • An accurate assessment of the current reality
  • A road map with S.M.A.R.T. goals and quarterly milestones
  • A weekly plan that ensures balance
  • Quarterly metrics to measure progress
  • A thought map to strengthen focus and magnify opportunity

We value your feedback and want to know how we can improve. Please share your thoughts about the class here.

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