Great Senior Ideas That Work

Andrew Jenkins M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to brainstorming great new ideas for your senior portrait business?

Why not spark some ideas via this webinar? Andrew is ready and willing share all of the best ideas that work in his own studio. Join him and walk away with new ideas for products and sales tips that you can incorporate to reach your sales goals in your senior market. (And although this program is focused on senior portraits, the tips and tricks will benefit all…even if you are a family, children’s or wedding photographer!)

Get ready to gather new ideas and dream about the possibilities that can take your studio to the next level.

We value your feedback and want to know how we can improve. Please share your thoughts about the class here.

Andrew Jenkins Bio

Andrew Jenkins owns and operates a custom-design portrait studio located in St. Johns, Michigan. After graduating with a degree in photography, he purchased a home-based business and relocated it to a 100-year-old Victorian-style home, complete with a carriage house and a beautiful portrait park. He goes home in the evening to a wonderful wife, Emily, and three children, Alex, Gabriella and Caroline.   

Very successful in state and national photographic competitions, Andrew is also a Certified Professional Photographer and holds both the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from PPA. He has been honored with Top Seven Photographers in Michigan many times over the past years, and he was awarded Photographer of the Year in the state of Michigan in 2005 and 2007. In addition, Andrew has received the ASP Bronze Medallion and has placed second in the Kodak Gallery Elite Awards. Many of his images have been published in PPA Loan Collection as well as Showcase books. He has also been honored as a PPA Photographer of the Year for the past seven years.   

Along with his multiple awards, Andrew is very involved in the photography community. For example, he is a past president of the Michigan Triangle of Professional Photographers. He has also served on the Professional Photographers of Michigan board and has been a trustee for the Great Lakes Institute of Photography. Currently, Andrew is a PPA Councilor, serves as a national affiliated juror and is part of the Burrell Colour Imaging Mentor Program.