Got To Dance Tween

Jen Basford Cr.Photog.

Jen Basford continues her Tween session by photographing her model doing what she loves, dance. Jen explains how to take action photographs that capture the energy of movement while still maintaining a beautiful elegance. She explains why it is important to not only capture a client in glamorous attire and why photos of the everyday can have a greater lasting value. Jen then illuminates some time saving tips in PhotoShop that will make your workflow fluid and organized.

Jen Basford Bio

Jen Basford owns 3 girls photography, a fashion-inspired senior portrait studio located in Edmond, Oklahoma. She is best known for the annual must-see fashion show she puts on for upcoming seniors (and tweens) each spring, as well as for the experience she provides during her sessions. Jen is one of the top senior portrait photographers in the Midwest largely due to her out-of-the-box approach to marketing and client relationships.

Jen also owns Seniors Ignite (, the leader in senior portrait photography education. Seniors Ignite is a collaboration of leading senior photographers that is redefining the senior portrait industry by showing photographers how to set themselves apart from the competition and run a successful business.

Jen is mom to 3 crazy and outgoing girls, who are the namesake of her studio. Between competitive cheer and dance, they keep her hair and makeup skills up-to-date at all times. Jen is also obsessed with fashion, pretty office supplies, healthy eating, and trying to keep everyone's schedules organized.