Giving to Charity is Awesome! Why and How We Became a Charitable Business

Trish Gilmore

Why get involved with charity? Who has the time? Get the how and the why with Mariah Ashley and Trish Gilmore, co-owners of Snap! Photography. They'll cover:

  • Why they became charitable. Their story of discovering PPA Charities and their work with Operation Smile at Imaging USA 2012.
  • Why it's ok to give to charity AND make it work for your business too.
  • Creating a charity scenario that benefits others and makes sense for your studio's specialty.
  • How they raise funds for Operation Smile and how they share that with their clients and others.
  • The benefits of being a charitable studio

Trish Gilmore Bio

Trish Gilmore and Mariah Ashley established SNAP! Photography in 2005. For seven years prior to that, they each owned their own studios photographing weddings and portraits. SNAP! now shoots about 35 weddings per year and is located in Rhode Island, working with high-end venues in the Newport area. All weddings are shot with their trademark team approach. They attribute their longevity in the business to optimism, patience, honesty and sincerity.