Gaining Cooperation With A Challenging Child

Amy Parrish

In this segment watch as Amy’s methods and patience help her get those winning shots, even when the little girl is at her most challenging. Her skills and timing allowed her to capture that split second moment when the child’s personality shines through. Back at the studio, Amy shows a few of her signature techniques for completing her vision.

Amy Parrish Bio

Amy Parrish spent the first decade of her career running a photography business in Central Ohio and now consolidates commissions into a few weeks out of the year. Since 2014 she has lived as an artist in residence in Maine and studied 19th-century historic processes. She’s also lived and worked in Thailand and India where she served as instructor and Director of Operations for Brooke Shaden-Blossomy's The Light Space program. Now Amy permanently resides in Kolkata where she works on personal projects and reviews photography portfolios for Learn more at