About the Class

This program will teach you, step- by – step, and the necessary adjustments to make to your mindset and your business to ignite your career. Key concepts taught in this program are understanding your personal motivation, what holds you back, and the strategies to break through those barriers. You’ll learn how to run your business rather than the business running you (managing a larger, successful business is actually much easier than managing a very small business!) This program will help you achieve your dreams, perhaps even taking you to success that you never thought possible.


Keys Concepts:

· Developing the mindset of a successful business person

· Knowing your vision & values for your business -painting a mental picture of your dream business

· Discovering the type of business that you want -home studio, store front, rental studio, or no studio -and how all of those can be successful.

· Understanding the gap between where you are and where you want to be -how to bridge that gap to reach your success

· Designing your signature brand style and dramatically separating yourself from the competition

· Create systems for your success to reduce your workload, while increasing your quality of product and increasing your profits

· Going even deeper -the five key strategies to grow your business -how to more than double your profits:


1. Creating a predictable, repeatable marketing system

2. Having a proven system to convert prospects into happy customers

3. Increasing repeat customers for life

4. Dramatically improving your sales process

5. Increasing your profitability


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