M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

In this class, PPA Instructor Steve Kozak once again takes a technical topic and breaks it down so it’s easy to understand and even better, easy to use! After all, all the techniques in the world don’t matter if you can put them into practice.

So, let’s talk Flash! Steve discusses the benefits and consistency you get by using your flash in manual mode. He’ll explain the math behind it all, so you can make good, informed decisions on using flash.

He’ll examine quality and direction of light, and what you can use to manage and control it. Do you know what bounce flash, fill flash or “dragging the shutter” is? Do you remember the inverse square law? Never fear – Steve tells all!

Great photography may look impulsive, subjective and purely creative, but any great art is based on fundamentals. This class gives you all the basics about flash that you need so that you can have greater control and creativity in your shoots – and make it look easy!

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