M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
About the Class

Many times we journey out on an adventure to photograph, only to return and be disappointed that what we saw is not what we have in the camera. Landscape, being one of the most popular genres today, takes patience and understanding of the natural world. 

Using the 12 elements of the merit print as a guideline, you’ll learn to visualize and interpret the scenes you viewed and be able to capture and present those images in the manner you desire. We are always working our images to create work that can be displayed in homes, offices, and to enter into competition.

This webinar will be a starting point on the journey to being creative in landscape photography.  We will be addressing lens perspective along with touching on composition elements beyond the rule of thirds. The ultimate goal of these webinars is to motivate you and help you really see the scene and create fine art pieces.

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