Finding Natural Light

Travis Gugelman

Finding a natural light setting that has the appropriate highlight to shadow ratio is key. In this segment, Travis explains the lighting while photographing Mom and Dad with their two children.

Travis Gugelman Bio

Travis Gugelman started his studio about 9 years ago. In a very short time, he went from ground zero to being in the top 4% income bracket for studios as reported by PPA. There are many reasons for the success of Gugelman Photography. Author of his Business Plan, Sales Script, and Employee Manuals which each help create a studio that runs like a franchise. This allows Travis to meet his goals and makes his studio work for him vs. him working for his studio. Travis decided to take his photography to a higher level he willingly shares all he knows and has learned over the years to help each of you create the images you desire. Travis has received many awards here are a few of them: PPA certified, Idaho Photographer of the Year, Kodak Gallery Award, and Fuji Gallery Award. Travis has also taught at many conferences, including: Light Pro Expo Coach, SPA, SYNC, After Dark and PhotoVision.

In 2011, photographer Lori Nordstrom and Travis founded Dando Amor, a non-profit organization which focuses on helping orphaned children in third world countries. Together, they take groups of photographers to fundraise and work with the children. You can find out more about going to Ecuador or making a donation at