About the Class

Many of us have been running our whole lives from being made to feel like a "Black Sheep." We felt like the odd one, excluded or disapproved of for the values, quirks and characteristics that make us who we are. What if you found a way to embrace and empower your uniqueness? What if you could be identified in a glance as THE person to help clients achieve incredible results? What if the black sheep in you is the key to reclaiming your POWER and the answer to standing out amongst the herd.

In this deeply-engaging, highly-interactive session, from Imaging USA 2020, Brant takes the audience on a journey of discovery through heartfelt stories, surprising research, laugh-out-loud moments and life-changing takeaways that reveal the secrets and science of finding your Black Sheep and its transformational impact on your personal and professional lives. This session leaves you feeling accepted, empowered, equipped and inspired to stand up for what matters to you, while standing out from the competition. 

Key learning points include:

  • Breaking the “Black Sheep” stereotype to drive new business
  • How to battle unwanted influences and stand your ground
  • Developing your “OOV” (Own Original Voice) to become irreplaceable 
  • The most powerful “two words" to change what’s possible for you
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