About the Class

Achieving the perfect light is about combining the science with the art. In this class, PPA Instructor Richard Sturdevant teaches you to blend technical expertise with talent to create drama, emotion and feeling in your images.

Watch and learn as Richard demonstrates the basic in-studio set up, and teaches you how to enhance and tailor it for each and every subject. Discover how you can use multiple set ups, and the creative freedom this provides.

Explore the tools of your trade -- metering, soft boxes, reflectors, and grids – and how you can use each to enhance your work. Discuss poses that work best with different types of lighting and how to best position your subjects.

Best of all, this class is not just about strobes and strip lights – get creative as Richard explores lighting for composite locations. Through this and other examples, learn to tap your own talent and abilities, incorporate your surroundings and your subject, and bring your unique flare to your photos. Science and art, technique and technical abilities – bring it all together to feel the light.

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