Equipment Essentials: The Professional Studio

Steve Kozak M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Having a professional studio doesn’t mean throwing money at expensive equipment. It’s about having the right equipment and knowing why you need what you do.

In this video, Steve Kozak saves you both time and money, explaining what every studio should have. When Steve’s done, you’ll walk away with a list of what you need, and even better, why and when you’ll need it!

Just a few items Steve covers include:

  • Your camera – this all important piece is the center of your business.
  • Studio lighting – how this can help you develop your niche and stand out from the rest.
  • Lenses and light modifiers that will work for you now and as your business expands.

Steve arms you with the information you need to build a successful studio—one that can handle your business now and take you into the future.

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Steve Kozak Bio

Steve Kozak is an active member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Texas Professional Photographers Association. PPA Certified and having earned “Master of Photography” and the “Craftsman” degrees, his work has appeared in the prestigious “Loan Collection.” Professional recognition of his work includes the Masterpiece Award from Fuji Film USA and the Sunset Print Award from LexJet. He has served on the PPA Board of Directors and is a PPA qualified instructor for PPA Certification prep classes.

Steve has recorded over a dozen videos for the PPAedu program. These videos include classes on the fundamentals of photography, manual flash photography, exposure, opening a new studio as well as videos for CPP study preparation.


He has taught 19 years at the prestigious Texas School of Professional Photography and 16 years at Imaging USA.  He has also taught at the Mid-America Institute of Professional Photography, The East Coast School, and Image Explorations near Victoria, British Columbia.

Steve serves as the Executive Director of the Texas Professional Photographers Association.