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About the Class

Many people shy away from Painter because they think it's going to be difficult to learn – and the 30 brush categories that contain hundreds of different brush options seems overwhelming at first glance. Fear not! It's so fun and easy to use! Jane will show you how to experiment with the brushes and create a journal of the ones you can't wait to try out on your own work. Plus, how you can use them to add color, blend colors together and create shapes and objects. Learn what a "clone" is and how to use them with photography to allow you to experiment with new ideas and techniques without ruining your work! And finally, how you can teach your hand and your Wacom pen to do what you want them to do, when you want to do it!

Join Jane to learn:

  • How to use the Wacom Pen and Tablet to create shapes and blends
  • How to scan through Brush Categories, test Variants and create a Fav Brushes Journal for specific painting tasks.
  • How to combine brushes that add color with those that distort and blend to create beautiful paint.
  • How to use Clones, Quick Clones, Cloner Brushes, Layers and blend modes to make painting fun and easy to do.
  • How Corel Painter works with photography in allowing you to make paintings from your photographs.
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