M.Photog.Cr., API
About the Class

Photographers are typically creative, passionate, and artistic—they’re not IT geeks! However, if you don’t know how to manage and organize your data, all your hard work and effort goes down the drain.

In this course, PPA Instructor Ron Nichols teaches you a detailed, organized way to ensure your data goes and stays where you need it.

Explore how to organize and back-up your working files—categorizing job names, client names and file types—so that they’re easily accessible for modifying and completing projects. These files are the key to your business. Not stopping there, Ron teaches you how to manage archived data; hopefully you rarely need it, but when you do, you DO!

Then, get technical as Ron discusses:

  • RAID drives and the data security they provide.
  • Off-loading software like Adobe Bridget, Adobe Lightroom, and Ron Nichols Studio Retouching Palette.
  • System back-ups and what to use with what operating systems.
  • External storage options and redundancy plans.

Ron takes overwhelming information and details and boils it down to easy explanations and simple steps. After all, your time is valuable, spend it doing what you love, not searching for what you’ve lost!

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