About the Class

If your work looks like everybody else's, your main selling point is price. But if you can find your own style, your clients will want to work with you because of YOU. Which would you prefer?

As our creative industry becomes increasingly homogenized, the way to stand out is to develop and maintain your own signature style. Of course, that’s easy to say, but how do you take the next step? Tune into this webinar, where Carrie will help you tap into your creativity and become more inspired, more excited and more unique in your work. It’s not about imitating someone else’s style...it's about using new tools and methods to push your uniqueness to the next level.

Creativity is hard but fun work, so get ready to immerse yourself in more creative inspiration with the following topics:

  • Finding & using inspiration
  • Finding time to run your business AND be an artist
  • Working with your clients to build an inspired shoot
  • Taking time to be inspired
  • Working creativity into your day
  • Putting the blinders on to open your eyes
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