Corel Painter: Other Ways to Use Painter

Helen Yancy M.Photog.M.Artist.MEI.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP

If you’ve been using Corel Painter or have already taken Helen Yancy’s courses, you may be wondering “what is as next?” Have we got the answer for you!

In this course, Helen takes you beyond the traditional and introduces some creative, advanced ways to use this amazing software.

Whether you want to introduce a niche product line, offer Copy and Restoration Services or just go beyond what a traditional camera can do, Helen shows you how Painter can be the solution.

Explore what Impressionist and Impasto brushes can do – Helen will show you how to add texture, special effects -- even the illusion of 3-dimensionality -- just by knowing your brushes inside and out.

If Restoration is your niche, you’ll love as Helen shares how to repair a photograph or correct a problem area. But, you won’t stop there. Learn how to take an image of children playing outside and paint it for stunning results. Explore how to use the Image Hose to create dramatic backgrounds in your paintings.

No matter what you already know how to do, you’ll learn something new in this course. Go beyond average and aim for amazing!

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Helen Yancy Bio

No other American artist or photographer has received as many international honors or more professional acclaim than Helen Yancy. But it is the ability to please clients with artful images that provide Helen with her greatest satisfaction. This ability flows from her passion about art, life, family, and people. 

Working on location or in her comfortable residential studio, Helen’s goal continues to be creating exquisite art pieces that portray people and their relationships with sensitivity, realism, and imagination. 

During her distinguished career, Helen Yancy has earned the rare distinction of being the first person in the world to receive every degree and honor presented by Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the largest and most prestigious professional photographic association in the world. She is a past president and chairman of the board of PPA and is one of only a few Americans to be honored as a Fellow of the British Institute of Photography, in part because of her leadership in creating ties between PPA and the British Institute. 

A member of the prestigious Portrait Society of America, Cameracraftsmen of America, and the Society of XXV, a group of 25 exceptional photographic artists from around the world, she is one of fewer than 100 Fellows of the American Society of Photographers. In May 2001, she was honored at the United Nations with a Medallion for leadership, service, artistic and photographic ability by the International Council for Photography, the only organization of its kind recognized by the UN. 

Helen Yancy’s oil, watercolor, mixed-media, and photographic portraits hang in hundreds of private homes and in permanent collections and exhibitions.