M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP
About the Class

Ever have skin problems…with your photographs, we mean? Well, Adrian may not be a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, but he DOES know how to create great (and more importantly) consistent skin tones and more when you process your images. Tune in to learn the following:

  • Adrian's method for using Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to correctly process raw images.
  • How to set up your ACR presets for a quicker workflow.
  • Other tricks to keep your time in Adobe Photoshop to a minimum…and still get the best possible results from your raw images.

And don't worry: This will not be a hyper-technical class! Adrian will use simple-to-understand instructions to help you get those masterful results. Anyone (beginner to advanced) who shoots raw and uses ACR to process their images can benefit from attending!

We value your feedback and want to know how we can improve. Please share your thoughts about the class here.

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