M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP
About the Class

Ever have skin problems…with your photographs, we mean? Well, Adrian may not be a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, but he DOES know how to create great (and more importantly) consistent skin tones and more when you process your images. Tune in to learn the following:

  • Adrian's method for using Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to correctly process raw images.
  • How to set up your ACR presets for a quicker workflow.
  • Other tricks to keep your time in Adobe Photoshop to a minimum…and still get the best possible results from your raw images.

And don't worry: This will not be a hyper-technical class! Adrian will use simple-to-understand instructions to help you get those masterful results. Anyone (beginner to advanced) who shoots raw and uses ACR to process their images can benefit from attending!

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