Connecting to Your Ultimate Potential

Jen Gottlieb

In this PPAedu Live session, Jen Gottlieb will share executable tips and strategy on how to connect to your ultimate potential. 

Drawing on her vast media network and her background in television, Jen helps her aspiring business leader clients make the connections they need to go from FOMO to famous fast, landing them spots on Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, Inc Magazine, US News & World Report, Forbes, Fortune, and hundreds of other media outlets. Learn how to connect with the industry people you need, the audience you crave, and the community who'll lift you up. 

Jen Gottlieb Bio

Jen Gottlieb is the Co-Founder and Chief Mindset Officer at Super Connector Media. Jen’s plethora of experience in health and wellness coaching, 14-season run as co-host on VH1, and a Broadway national tour, has lead into her role as host of Unfair Advantage Live, the world's premier publicity event connecting entrepreneurs to the media.

Under the Unfair Advantage Accelerator program, Jen supports and works with entrepreneurs to elevate personal mindset into achieving goals beyond their expectations. Prior to Co-Founding Super Connector Media, Jen used the media to build a multi 6-figure coaching business in the health and wellness space. Drawing on her vast media network and successful background in television, Jen has become an influencer in the mindset community. Learn more at