Connect With Your Ideal Client

Kim Hartz M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Learn how to figure out who your perfect client is by looking beyond just the demographics. Once you figure out who they are we will discuss how to start building a relationship and connecting with them through your marketing, social media presence and website. Be prepared to have your clients want to work with you and no one else!

Kim Hartz Bio

Kim Hartz has always been an animal and photography lover.  Over the years she has honed her art, specializing in pet and newborn photography, gaining recognition within the photography industry, earning the distinction of Certified Professional Photographer, and producing award-winning images.  Most recently, Kim earned the distinction of 2013 Bronze Medal Award Winner from Professional Photographers of America for her excellence in print competition.

The images Kim takes for her clients capture the unique essence of each subject, producing a true work of art that is both timeless and precious.  Kim has taught several pet photography workshops with the Paw Print Divas, and she is dedicated and experienced instructing students on the creative process and building a successful photography business. M.Photog.Cr., CPP