Cris J.
M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

If you’ve ever shot commercial photography, you understand the challenge of trying to light a reflective object – and still capture a great image. In this class, Cris Duncan shows you how to easily and effectively master this task.

You’ll learn the time and preparation needed – how to set up your lighting, proper metering, what type of light source to use and how to work with different backgrounds and lighting options. Discuss how to capture the shape of the object, illuminate a product label so it’s easy to read, shoot the interior of a product and basically showcase what your client wants to see.

Next, get familiar with the tools at your fingertips! Do you know when to use a polarizer? How can a gel or black plexi glass enhance your photo? What’s the best lens to use? Cris walks you through each option and shows you, one by one, what happens when you eliminate a lighting source from the set up.

Cris not only teaches you how to master the lighting, he gives you a better perspective on what your client wants to see – how important the products and the shoot are to them, and how you not only capture the images they want but help convey their message through your work.

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