Business Insurance: Are You Protected?

Kristen Hartman Member Value & Experience Director, PPA

Property & Casualty, Bailment Coverage, Worker’s Comp, General Liability, blah, blah, blah. However boring it may be, insurance is an important part of any business – even for an artist like yourself. If you’re not properly covered, everything you’ve worked for could be gone in a legal instant!

In this Business Insurance class, we’ll break down the different types of insurance options out there and help you understand what’s right for your business. Insurance isn’t sexy or cool, but it’s essential and can be the difference between here today and gone tomorrow.

For example, did you know:

  • A $1 million policy is standard for General Liability?
  • Bailment coverage insures property that is not yours but is in your care?
  • Homeowners insurance doesn’t typically include a home-based business?

You’ll learn much more than that during this informative video, which will walk youthrough insurance explanations and options for your business, yourself,employees and equipment; important exclusions to know; and PPA insuranceoptions like PhotoCare and PhotoCare Plus.

All this insurance talk may be a big wake-up call, but after this class, you’ll be able to sleep like a baby!

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Kristen Hartman Bio

A passionate and dedicated advocate for photographers, Kristen Hartman serves as Professional Photographers of America’s Director of Membership. She has been instrumental in enhancing PPA’s resources and member offerings and reinforcing the association’s commitment to helping its members (of all specialties) grow their photography businesses and improve their profitability.

With broad experience in industry event planning and customer service, Kristen has spearheaded PPA’s member outreach and is focused on ensuring that every member interaction with PPA is a positive one. She has helped bring to life more communication and network growth tools (like theLoop) for member photographers and is constantly looking ahead.

A graduate of Georgia State University with a B.A. in Sociology, Kristen also holds a Certificate in Hospitality with Emphasis in Meeting and Tradeshow Planning from Georgia State. She previously served as Director of Membership with the National Association for Printing Leadership and as a Project Manager with The CMO Team, a marketing agency.