M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

When you are building any business, you are also, whether you know it or not, building a brand. So do it with intention and purpose to attract the ideal client you want to work with! In this one hour webinar, Julia Kelleher, M.Photog., M.Artist, Cr., CPP will help you see why your brand attracts certain types of people as potential customers, and how to use presence, personality and promise to weed out the clients you don’t want. A solid brand creates buzz in a community and differentiates you from the competition. And a business that’s different is a business that thrives and grows. Using a step-by-step, actionable methodology Julia will train you to see your brand differently, taking control of its message and using it as a tool to stimulate growth. Once your brand is on solid ground, your marketing will soar, your clients will adore you and your business voice will attract who meant to attract.

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