About the Class

Capturing a wedding is more than just the actual ceremony; it’s a collection of all the special moments that make the wedding day. In this course, wedding expert Damon Tucci teaches you how to successfully shoot those “before” shots that help tell your client’s story.

Listen as Damon shares the instructions and suggestions to give your bride so that everything goes smoothly. Learn the proper amount of time to allow, what shots to take inside, who to pose and how to pose them.

Explore Damon’s lighting tips and techniques, both for shooting in the Bride’s Room as well as other areas around the venue. Discuss the use of natural light and how a “light cave” or shaded area can make for amazing images. Examine how and when to use reflectors and LED lighting to enhance your photos.

You’ll also discover the poses that make for award-winning wedding albums and how to create them yourself. From up-close and personal to full-length and profiles; from formal and reflective to casual and relaxed – Damon shows you everything you need to know to make the pre-ceremony shoot spectacular!

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