About the Class

A beautiful park is an idyllic setting for an outdoor wedding, but this on location shoot can challenge the unexperienced wedding photographer. In this course, instructor Damon Tucci teaches you how to own the venue and create amazing shots, whatever the condition or distraction.

Watch as Damon teaches you to find the light, even light from a parking garage – and use it for great photographs. Learn how to incorporate reflectors, flash and other fill light to create what isn’t there, and even how to use the sky as a softbox to create the right moment.

Discuss how to work with any condition – wind, rain, sun, foliage, cloud coverage and shadows, just to name a few – and still capture the best shot. Examine how to tune out distractions like noise or crowds, and how to get what you want, expertly and efficiently.

Best of all, Damon reminds you to have fun with your clients as he covers everything from your traditional wedding poses to fun and sassy pictures with attitude!

Watch and learn as Damon makes on location portraits as easy as shooting in your own studio!

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