Boudoir Divas Exposed

Boudoir Divas

Julie Klaasmeyer, PhotoVision’s correspondent, visits the Boudoir Divas’ studio and follows Kimberlee and Marissa as they photograph a client in several of their boudoir sets. For each client, the Divas capture a variety of poses from head shots to full length portraits always anticipating the final images and albums. As they go through the session, the Divas explain why they have named their poses, why their choice is to use constant, hot lights, and how the systems they have implemented allow same day viewing.

Boudoir Divas Bio

Marissa Boucher is the owner of The Boudoir Divas, a studio that has photographed over 4,000 boudoir clients since 2006, some flying in from all over the world for a shoot with her team. She also owns a Production Company that handles destination shoots, music videos, and commercial work. Teaching since 2006, she is honest about her struggles and how she overcame them to create a six-figure business that focuses solely on female subjects.