About the Class

Jen Hillenga believes that EVERY woman—no matter what she looks like, no matter what size—deserves to feel gorgeous. That belief translates into her boudoir photography. When working with boudoir clients, it is vitally important that you, as a professional photographer, set the tone for the session and give every woman a safe place to be beautiful, sexy and fabulous. So, come make it possible!

In her webinar, Jen will discuss the psychology of shooting boudoir, how to evoke the most emotion from your clients, and how to create an atmosphere in which your client feels comfortable. She’ll show you the correct way to light and pose the feminine form, creating images that flatter every body shape. You’ll even learn about using post-production to enhance positive features and minimize any flaws. Above all, Jen will show you that a beautiful photograph of a woman is about capturing her essence, her best features and (most importantly) her confidence!

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