About the Class

With almost everything in life, there is fine print—and that fine print can bite you before you know it! Employment law is no different. Being the boss is not just fun and games, after all; there are laws you need to know and understand so that your business runs smoothly and stays compliant.

In this class, attorney Andria Ryan shares what you need to know about employment law so both you and your employees can focus on the same thing: your business!

Let’s say you find the perfect employee and hire him on the spot—do you know what paperwork you need to complete? What about wages? You’re a small business, so you might want to keep payroll on a budget, but do you know what minimum wage is and how to deal with overtime? Are you up to snuff on harassment, discrimination and immigration laws? Do you know how to handle medical issues, workers’ compensation and even performance management?

After this class, you’ll not only have your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed, you’ll also have the confidence to be a great boss!

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