Basic Composition

Michael Timmons M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, F-ASP

Welcome to everything you ever needed to know (but may have forgotten to ask) about composition. Delve deep into the techniques that every good photographer needs to know about creating a balanced image.

PPA instructor Michael Timmons starts with the fundamentals as you discuss the rule of thirds. Discuss the various ways you can achieve the rule of thirds. You'll learn the four impact point options, discuss how to use the crop tool, explore how to manually set grids and lines. You’ll also cover techniques like the L and S composition. Discuss how to handle the horizon line and where it should be in your image. The Golden Section, Euclid Elements and triangles – Michael leaves no stone unturned.

You’ll not only explore how to arrive at good composition; you’ll define the 5 types of composition you need to know. We could tell you now, but Michael does such an amazing job, you won’t want to miss it! This course is detailed, direct and guaranteed to improve your images immediately!

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Michael Timmons Bio

Michael E. Timmons owns and operates Gallery 143 and the Portrait Gallery in Vassar, Michigan. The Gallery clients includes NASCAR Teams, Hendricks Motor Sports, Drury Inns, and McDonalds Restaurants, in addition to banks, hotels, businesses, doctors' offices, and private collectors. The Portrait Gallery is an all inclusive portrait studio photographing portraits, high school seniors, children, families, commercial and underclass.

Michael Timmons is a published poet, writer, artist, and photographer. He has been involved in the arts for over 38 years. Michael has lectured around the world and at local, state and regional conventions. He has presented programs several times at the Professional Photographers of America International Convention.  Michael is also an approved PPA International Juror and a PPA Jury Chairman.

Michael has received his Master of Photography, Master Artist and Photographic Craftsman degrees from Professional Photographers of America, in addition to receiving the Imaging Excellence award.  Michael also was awarded the Fellowship degree from the American Society of Photographers. He is also a Certified Professional Photographer. 

Michael is a past president of the Arkansas Professional Photographers Association, has served on the Portrait Group for Professional Photographers of America, including Chairman of the committee, and has also served PPA as a member of the Photographic Exhibitions Committee, including Vice Chairman, and several years as a PPA councilor.  Michael is currently serving on the Professional Photographers of America Board of Directors as Vice President for 2014 - 2015. Michael has also served on the board of directors of the Professional Photographers of the Ozarks. Michael has received the Arkansas Distinguished Service Award, the Michigan Service Award, and the American Society of Photographers Service Award. Michael also received the coveted “National Award,” from the Professional Photographers of America.