M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
About the Class

Welcome to everything you ever needed to know (but may have forgotten to ask) about composition. Delve deep into the techniques that every good photographer needs to know about creating a balanced image.

PPA instructor Michael Timmons starts with the fundamentals as you discuss the rule of thirds. Discuss the various ways you can achieve the rule of thirds. You'll learn the four impact point options, discuss how to use the crop tool, explore how to manually set grids and lines. You’ll also cover techniques like the L and S composition. Discuss how to handle the horizon line and where it should be in your image. The Golden Section, Euclid Elements and triangles – Michael leaves no stone unturned.

You’ll not only explore how to arrive at good composition; you’ll define the 5 types of composition you need to know. We could tell you now, but Michael does such an amazing job, you won’t want to miss it! This course is detailed, direct and guaranteed to improve your images immediately!

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