“Bad Company” Company

Ben Shirk M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.

Ben's models for a magnificent futuristic composite are members of a HS wrestling team. His vision is "War is the Answer" and walks us through how he builds the background, sharing tips and tricks for replication, highlights and mist that will enhance the models in the foreground. He talks with Brian about his inspiration for his creative sports posters, his lens selection, and his lighting setup throughout the action-filled live session with the team. After the session, Ben shares his updated vision through a series of layered images.

Ben Shirk Bio

Ben Shirk is an internationally award winning professional photographer.  Growing up in a log cabin near a small farming community of Wilton Iowa he spent his days exploring the woods, swimming in rivers and developing his imagination.   Today his stunning images are known worldwide for the creativity and depth of storytelling. Ben currently holds many International, National  Photography Titles with a record eight top finishes at the World Photographic Cup Competition  including three first place metals. He operates a thriving studio out of that same small farming community that he was raised in.  His work attracts clients from across the world, creating dynamic images of athletes, children and families. 

You can find Ben and his work at www.shirkphotography.comhttps://www.facebook.com/ShirkPhotography, Instagram @shirkphtography and https://gamechangers.shirkphotography.com/