About the Class

This course isn’t about how to wow your clients or use fancy tools to enhance your images. But, this information will allow you to sleep soundly at night!

In a very simple and direct way, Instructor Jon Yoshinga walks you through how to successfully back up your files to prevent any type of loss.

As Jon will tell you, backing up is simple—transfer to a disc, verify the disc and then transfer to your hard drive. But, in between all that, questions can arise.

  • What are you goals? How many copies do you want and need? Do you know how to easily backup from your camera to a disc?
  • Do you know your options? Jpegs take up less memory, so you can potentially use one card per session. Can you distinguish between used and unused cards?
  • Do you verify your backup? The process can take some time, so it’s easy to walk away and assume it happened. NEVER assume! Jon tells you the options available on your computer and hard drive issues that can occur.

You’ll also learn about off-site options if that’s something your business needs.

While backing up may not be a “Wow!’ topic, it can prevent the biggest “Oops!” of your career!

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