Baby’s First Year, Part 2

Ed Pierce M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Lori Nordstrom and Ed Pierce continue their discussion on how to set up an effective photography program for a baby's first year. Lori photographs a baby on its first birthday in a park and explains her incentives for clients to keep coming back, even after the conclusion of her first year program. She also displays her final products for the first year sessions and explains the importance of getting clients to feel involved in the process.

Ed Pierce Bio

Ed Pierce’s career in photography has spanned nearly three decades. As a photographer, Ed has earned or received a majority of the awards, accolades and degrees the industry has to offer including Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman. As an educator, Ed has appeared in over 800 venues nationally and internationally sharing his enthusiasm and passion for photography with over 100,000 professional photographers. For the past 13 years his role as creator and producer of PhotoVision has allowed him a unique opportunity to travel to, visit with, and observe in action the “Best of the Best.”

Ed distills the insights, practices and techniques of the world’s most talented and celebrated photographers and combines them with his own style and approach to create a “game plan for success” that he shares with his PhotoVision audiences.