M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

In today’s digital world, technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Have you ever...
      Spent all day editing shots on your computer?
      Panicked to find files after your computer crashed?
      Searched all over for a clean, formatted card to use
      before a shoot?

In this class, PPA Instructor Carl Caylor attacks digital distress head-on. He teaches you how to get it right the first time and have an effective workflow, so technology won’t sink your business! Lessons you will learn from Carl include:

  • Get it right, in camera. Create an image with the right exposure, color balance and focus and you won’t be manipulating files later on.
  • Quality trumps quantity – don’t try to shoot as many images as possible. Shoot fewer images and make them great images. Take time with each shot so you don’t have to take as many shots.

You’ll also learn how to create an efficient card system, enabling you to have cards ready when you’re ready, a filing system for used and unused cards to avoid confusion; and back-up systems so your work is always safe.

Carl will get your mindset – and your office – in order so that you never experience digital distress again!

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