About the Class

In this video, PPA Instructor and lighting expert Hanson Fong shares how to use available light – and the right poses – to create awesome images for that special wedding couple.

You’ll cover both indoor and outdoor lighting setups, and what works best in each scenario. From shooting in open shade outdoors to low and high angle shoots inside, Hanson gives you the techniques that work every time.

As any great photographer will tell you, variety is the key and that’s what your bride and groom want to see. Hanson coaches you on the various shots you want -- full length, close-ups, ¾ shots and more – and the different poses to capture. As always, your job is to make your clients look amazing, so you’ll discuss some key concepts for posing that will flatter any couple.

Lighting, positioning, posing, setting – learn how to bring them all together and capture the moments and the memories.

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