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About the Class

“Isn’t my home office deduction an IRS red flag?” “How do I determine salaries out of profit?” “Can I deduct my business vehicle?”

These questions and more are why you should watch this class! In Advanced Tax Strategies, Scott Kurkian walks you through everything you need to know about business deductions, what to consider and what you may have been missing! Scott is informative and direct, laying complicated tax issues out in an easy-to-understand manner. During this course, he’ll cover:

  • Section 179 deductions, including limitations and expectations.
  • Business vehicle deductions: what you can deduct and when.
  • Health insurance deductions for LLCs, S-corps and Sole Proprietorships.
  • Salary and payroll taxes, including how mishandling can sink your ship quickly!

Additionally, Scott explores some more complicated issues like how to determine salary out of net profits – how much salary you should pay, how to plan for it, and the effects of paying too much or too little. He’ll also walk you through some tax planning and retirement planning so you’re making long-term decisions, not just reacting.

No one likes taxes except accountants and the IRS! But, after this course, you’ll be confident on how to handle your studio and get the most out of being a small business owner!

NOTE: Please reference course materials that include updates to Advanced Tax Strategies since it was filmed.

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