About the Class

Social media is a smart marketing tactic but having a social media strategy is even smarter! Studies consistently show a documented strategy is a differentiator of successful marketers and in this episode of PPAedu, Ann Gynn will walk through a easy-to-use seven-step format (plus a free template!) to create your customized one-page social media strategy!

Here’s an overview of the first three steps:

• Step 1: Why? (Detail your social media objective(s) as they relate to your marketing/business goals.)
• Step 2: Who? (Define your audience [including their social media behaviors.])
• Step 3: What? (Detail your topics, formats, voice, content sources.)

During this session, Ann will use examples and create a one-page social media strategy so that you can see the concepts in practice. This means you could even start planning out your own personalized strategy during the session!

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