5 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Barb Stuhlemmer

Author of The Entrepreneur Awakening: Making the Move from Employee to Business Owner and a business owner herself, Barb Stuhlemmer has seen and experienced all the mistakes business owners make. Knowing your expertise is not enough to be excellent at being a business owner. The skills it takes to run a business are different than the skills it takes to be the expert in your field. Because of this business owners often go into business with a great idea, product, or service but are overwhelmed and exhausted by all the extra work owning a business takes, just to sell their product.

The Five Fundamentals you need to have in place to grow your business
Steps to manage those fundamentals
Answer questions you might have specific to your business challenges

Barb Stuhlemmer Bio

Barb is a Business Strategist, Consulting Advisor, speaker, college professor, author, professional writer, entrepreneur, wife of over 25 years, and mother of three+ kids. She brings an outside view and solutions to inside issues so business owners can create the business that fits with their life plan. Barb comes with a lifetime of tools, strategies, and tactical planning process to create the next steps that will finally get the work of growth done. Barb's clients make as much as 800% increase in as little as 11 months with her support