M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

Whether you can sell ice to Eskimos or still get nervous with each new prospect, this class is for you! In this succinct yet sales savvy course, PPA instructor, Julia Kelleher, condenses everything you need to know into 5 easy steps.

So, what are Julia’s 5 P’s of in-person sales?

  1. Planning: Learn everything you need to know about the pre-consultation (and why they’re a must!). Discuss wardrobe, location, client personalities and more!
  2. Products: Julia shows you how to offer products that will speak to your clients. Explore the importance of displays, samples, galleries and online access. Discover the importance of your brand and your style!
  3. Projection: Learn how to handle the projection sales process, tie back into original expectations, make your client comfy and put them in the mindset for another important P – Purchase!
  4. Pricing: This can make many photographers flinch, but Julia teaches you to create packages, offer incentives, boutique items while emphasizing your value and focusing on your revenue stream.
  5. Policies: Rather than being a wet blanket down the line, you’ll learn how to establish and discuss business policies up front. You’ll sleep better knowing you’ve covered this P!

Whether you’re an old pro or a newbie, this course gives you everything you ever needed to know for a smooth-sailing sales process.

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